I have nothing to wear

A death sentence. A declaration of war. A cry for help to the fashion gods. Yet, even when our closets are full of nice things, somedays we're just tired, uncreative, or just not in the mood.

I want an app to organize my closet, but I don't have the time to fill in all the info.

We've all downloaded a really cool app that promises to keep all our clothes organized. However, you have to take pictures and fill in brand, color, type, etc. Oli uses computer vision to scan your clothes effortlessly, and natural language processing to help you find things in your language.

Oli learns your personal style

Everyone has a unique touch that relates all their garments. Oli learns what you like to wear, and makes timely outfit suggestions every day using what you own.

Brand new you

Get gorgeous items from worldwide independent designers that fit seamlessly with the things you already have.

Print at home

With Oli's Express Fashion® printer, you can buy new personalized designs through the app and wear them right away. No queues, no waiting times, just for you, 24/7 at home.

You're probably wondering where do I get it?

Oli is going through a series of tests with volunteer users around the world. It will be available in the App Store by November 2018.

If you don't want to wait, you can send us an email and join the beta program.